An introduction

Rendering of Cyrk Building's north side

Groundbreaking for our new building at SE 20th and Clinton is finally starting.  Cyrk Building will be a live-work with residential space on the second floor and office and retail space on the first floor.  A basement will provide underground parking and room for the leading edge mechanical systems that will operate the building.  Additional tenant retail space will face Clinton Street.  Cyrk will be 14,500 square feet and at just two stories, the height of the roof will be about 26 ½ feet.   

Targeted to achieve LEED Platinum certification, sustainable features include an extremely well-insulated building envelope, vegetative roofs and a 26 kWp photovoltaic array. In fact, the building will be so energy efficient that it is expected to produce enough electricity to provide over 90% of the building’s total power needs.

Additionally, heating and cooling with a water source heat pump will provide significant energy savings over conventional HVAC systems. The system taps into an abundant aquifer that runs throughout most of inner Southeast Portland and is conveniently located only 23 feet below the site. This underground water body serves as a heat source in the winter and a heat sink in the summer, creating significant energy and cost savings over the life of the building.  As rainwater is channeled to the aquifer, it will be used for toilets, laundry and irrigation.

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